Roulette is one of the most simple and exciting gambling games you can find in an online casino. It is essentially an outcome prediction gambling game that involves a wheel and a ball. The wheel will feature red and black slots, with a number from 1 to 36 on it. The number zero will also be featured on the wheel, but it does not come in either black or red color, in fact, zero is green in color, making it somewhat special. Bets will be placed on where the ball will land on the wheel after spinning, players are allowed to place bets based on color or number, of course, different types of bets will yield different turnover amount, so it’s based on the player’s play style whether he or she chooses to bet on a specific number alone, or placed on a broader scope such as odd numbers, even numbers, high numbers or low numbers. There are certain slight differences between the rules of online casino and offline casino


The basic rules of roulette in a land-based casino are as follows:

  1. Bets should be placed on the dedicated spots on the table. 
  2. Bets can only be placed during the betting session, once the session is closed and the ball starts rolling, any bets placed during that time will be void.
  3. Players are not allowed to touch the chips after the bets are placed, no matter the circumstance. Only dealers are allowed to touch the chips after a session.


Of course, just like any other table games at the casino, table etiquettes are also very important. For example, chips should be placed neatly to save the dealer’s time, and players should always make sure that the table is not full before sitting down. These rules are non-existent in the world of online casinos. Betting sessions still stand, but using an app to play roulette online makes following the rule a much easier task, as all the player has to do is follow what the app dictates. Playing roulette in an online casino is much less chaotic, and makes for a smoother flow, pace of game and a much satisfying experience.

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