SCR888 has everything, slot games, fishing games, live table games, you name it, we have it. As of 2019, SCR888 has more than 100,000 players all across the Asian continent, and the player count just keeps on increasing because we have managed to stay as the top trending topic in the online casino community throughout the year. From all directions, left and right, we are receiving positive reviews from the community, some of the praise that we have been getting include the variety of games that we provide and the sheer abundance of options that we offer to all of our players. Not a minute spent with SCR888 will be wasted because our top quality games will keep you entertained to no end, you have to be careful or you might just get addicted to us.


It is all thanks to our amazing sources that we have this arsenal of games with us that we can offer to our fans, some of our most favorite online software providers that have chosen to partner up with us include: 918Kiss, Playboy, Mega888, Ace333 and Pussy888. Pussy888 is responsible for bringing us some of our most popular slot games on the SCR888 site. For example:


  1. Rome and Glory

A slot game set in ancient rome before the collapse of the western roman empire. You get to role play as an emperor and have all the slaves under your feet serving you wine and grapes, it is truly an experience unlike any other. The game features a scrolling graphics and we have chariots, chalices, and all sorts of beautiful women in rome in the game. The game is rated at four out of five stars on SCR888.


  1. Si Xiang

Si Xiang features almost every mythical creature in chinese culture. The game has dragons and phoenix galore, and all of them have such an extremely cool design. You get to discover all these cool dragon variants such as the Zhang Men, a dragon that represents spring and the blue waters of China, while playing the game. Si Xiang is rated at a perfect five out of five stars at SCR888.


  1. Sea Captain

Choose your role as a sea captain in this slot game, you can become an outlaw and live as a pirate robbing other seafarers out there or you can be a responsible marine that serve as a coast guard protecting innocent lives from danger. It is all up to you as a Sea Captain. The game has crabs, fishes, anchors, and dangerous ocean waves plus other obstacles to wade through in order to search for the undiscovered treasure, making it a thrilling experience. Sea Captain is rated at a perfect five out of five stars.


  1. Sparta

Sparta is the featured game of the month. It has become viral due to the fact that a lot of online casino review sites and blogs dedicated to slot game enthusiasts discovering the game. The game is masculinity fueled, adrenaline pumping, war themed slot game that will make your heart race like no other slot game has ever did. It is rated at five out of five stars.

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