Who does not love a good, sexy game? Not only are they fun to play, they are also a feast for the eyes. We find ourselves to be easily addicted to adult games with a slight sexual content because of the visual appeal, plus slot games are just fun because they are so simple and easy to play. Games that require little to no effort to play can provide a relaxing and meditative experience, it winds us down after a hard day of grinding. If the sexiest kind of game is what you as a gamer are looking for, then look no further than SCR888.

SCR888 provides all sorts of exclusive entertainment content online, ranging from fishing games, slot games, poker games among many others. As long as you are hanging out with SCR888, you are guaranteed to get entertained every minute. Browsing the sexiest game on SCR888 is seriously an eye-opening experience, it is certainly rare to see an online casino boasts such a large arsenal of games with such an impressively consistent quality. SCR888 is dedicated to their craft, all of the greatest games online can be found here. With sources such as Mega888, Pussy888 and ACE333, it is no wonder they are currently among the top ranking online casinos in not only countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, but the entire Asian continent as well.

The featured game of this month is YOU WILL GET MORE AND MORE HARD. Warning, this game is strictly designed for adult gamers, only check it out if you are over the age of 18. The game is sexual and is guaranteed to get you addicted. The ladies are gorgeous and it is up to the player to collect all of their images. The game is anime themed and the art is truly marvellous, we do recommend that you only play it while alone at home though.

The game is currently rated at four out of five stars on SCR888 but our honest opinion is that it is a perfect game. YOU WILL GET MORE AND MORE HARD is provided by a prominent software provider that is called TRIPLE A or AAA. Triple-A has just announced their partnership with SCR888 recently, and the wide selection of top-quality games that they plan to bring to the table include Guardians of Flowers, Evil King OX and Hot Seven — all of these games are slot games. 

The game is available on all platforms including Windows, Apple and Android. You can play the game on your desktop or through the SCR888 mobile app available on all play stores. Go to to download the apk file of the SCR888 app for manual installation, simply follow the instructions provided on the page for a smooth and successful installation process. Sign up with SCR888 today to gain unlimited access to YOU WILL GET MORE AND MORE HARD among countless other great entertainment content. With SCR888, you are guaranteed to have a good and fun time. 

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