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Monkey Mayhem At SCR888

Who doesn’t love a fun slot game? Slot games are fun and simple to play. Players can choose what type of behaviour they wish to adopt when approaching slot games, because slot games are so flexible to play, you can thrive in it no matter what type of player you are. If you are looking for a simple and casual time, you will find slot game to be a suitable pastime for you during breaks between work. If you are actively looking for a challenge in gaming, then slot games will never let you down. All in all, it is always a guaranteed good time when it comes to slot game, we would know because we consider ourselves to be veteran players of slot games. Ever since we first started picking up online gaming, we have been trying out lots and lots of slot games that are available on the internet, we are confident to say that if you have heard of it, we most definitely have tried and reviewed it before.

Today, we are getting into some serious monkey business. SCR888 has introduced a new game on their site and it is by far the silliest, naughtiest and most chaotic slot game we have ever played, we mean it as a compliment by the way. First off, if you have never heard of SCR888, we have to ask: have you been living under a rock all these while? SCR888 is the most famous online casino not only in Asia, but their influence has been spreading across other continents as well. At southeast Asia, SCR888 has become a household name. Anyone looking to get entertained online has surely heard of SCR888, it is like the McDonald’s of the online gambling scene. SCR888 offers top quality games, pulled from all sorts of reliable online software providers from around the world. SCR888 games are all handpicked by a crew of professionals, and all these games are optimized for their platform and play tested numerous times for quality assurance. Besides that, SCR888 provides security, superb customer service and a shocking amount of bonuses plus promotions to their customers, it is no surprise that they are so adored by populations from countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Now, to the game. The featured game this month is called Monkey Thunderbolt, an exciting game that is true to its name. Monkey Thunderbolt features six monkeys with different colors, and each one of them has a pole. The objective here is to climb to the top of the pole, the player will have to bet on which one of the monkeys will make it first. Simple rules, but it is such a thrilling experience. This is a game that can easily get you addicted because it is effortless to play and the entertainment value is almost limitless. There are countless betting seats for this game, no queues, no waiting, and the betting system is sophisticated. Be sure to check out Monkey Thunderbolt today at SCR888

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