Is SCR888 a Scam ?

Is SCR888 a Scam ?

Is SCR888 a Scam ?


Over the years, questions have been raised over the many SCR888 scam allegations that have been made and spread across several platforms. SCR888 is a reputable company and has continued to be on top, and so, it is expected that other companies and discreditors would a river and attempt to drag the name of the reputable company through the mud. However, SCR888 is, and continues to be, loyal to its many customers around the world, and the company does not have any intentions of tarnishing its hard earned reputation at any time. The various claims of SCR888 being a scam have been made several times, and each time, these false claims have been shut down. This is only possible because the company has nothing to hide, and so, continues to work hard to reassure the public, and discredit the claims. Some proofs that each and every SCR888 scam allegations are false and unfounded are as follows:


Reliable SCR888 Customer Service: SCR888 prides itself on having reliable and competent customer service teams. These customer service teams play a huge role in helping to reassure players and customers whenever they have doubts about the company. The customer service teams are prompt in responding to the customers, and are always on ground to keep the players’ minds at ease. Their presence and consistency helps to reassure the players and betters of a safe and reliable gaming environment and overall experience. The customer service agents are trained to anticipate, predict, and respond in the most pleasant way, to each and every of the customer’s needs, whatever they may be. The aim, after all, is to ensure that the customers get only the best out of the company, as well as get the full worth of their money and time.


Competitors Playing Dirty: It is no news that when one recognised and legitimate company rises over others, the competitors will go ahead to do whatever it would take to discredit the rising company. This is one problem faced by reputable online gambling platforms such as SCR888. These competitors, when they sense that they have begun to continually and steadily lose their customers to the SCR888 online platform, they begin to spread fake news about SCR888 scam reviews, and even go as far as creating fake reviews online, to discredit the company, and ward off potential customers from signing up to the platform.


Reviews: SCR888 scam allegations have several times, and over the years, been put down by a series of online reviews that have been carried out on the company. Several legitimate, and recognised review sites, after receiving complaints about SCR888 scams, launch their own investigations to determine the validity of he claims. These reviews have proven to the public, time and time again, that each and every SCR888 scam allegations are false, and mere schemes to drag the name of he company through the mud.


Guarantee and Security for Payment Methods: A tell tale sign of the validity of any online or offline gambling platform is the guarantee that customers will be able to put in and get back their money safely, and without any hitches. SCR888 has proven time and time again, that it is a trusted and verified gambling platform, with the sure, guaranteed and secure payment methods that it offers its customers. Customers can rest assured that their monies are safe within the casino.


Periodic Audits: A good company knows when to look inward and completely review every of its internal workings. For this reason, SCR888 is known to carry out periodic audits of its company, enlisting the help of trusted auditors. These auditors help to keep the company in proper working order, and help to reassure the public and potential members of the SCR888 community, that the company is legitimate. This also contributes in shooting down claims and allegations of SCR888 scams.


Reputable Software Development Company: The games and activities created and displayed by the SCR888 online company have been designed by a series of well known and trusted team of software developers. These companies are famed all around Asia, as some of the best software developers in the business. Scammers, on the other hand, have no time to properly develop their gaming softwares, and so let just anyone create them, as long as they look convincing enough to fool customers. SCR888 softwares are developed with the best and most interactive user interface, to ensure that gamers and betters have only the best experience while playing their games and placing their bets.


Prompt Customer Service Response: One very important marker marker for singling out online gambling platforms that have the intention scamming players or customers, is the continued delay in the response of the customer service response. On that note, SCR888 has distinguished itself from other online gambling platforms, be they scammers or genuine online gambling platforms. The team of competent, adequate, and top notch staff that the casino enlists are trained to be prompt, helpful and cooperative to the needs of the customers. The customer service teams are trained to respond to the the members as fast as possible, to ensure that their gaming and online experiences are unparalleled and that the customers get the maximum amount of excitement and enjoyment that they have paid for. This prompt customer service has helped the members to rest assured that the company is a safe place to place their bets and play their games. The quick response of the customer service agents have quelled so many of the SCR888 claims and false allegations being spread. Unlike SCR888, or other genuine gambling platforms, scammers deceive their victims with claims of good and prompt customer service, but do not keep to their word. Rather, the service responses are gradually slowed down, until they stop completely, as soon as the customers have fallen victim to their schemes, and begin to place their bets.


Experiences of Others: SCR888, as a famed online gambling platform has several online communities and loyal members. These loyal members help to spread the good word about the gambling platform. They help, in their own little way, to shut down the various SCR888 scam rumours and allegations. Over the years, these supporters and members have helped cement the validity of SCR888 online casino in the minds of the general public. These loyal members have shared their experiences over the years, across the several available social media platforms and review sites. These experiences are backed up and the claims are verified by other members, and slowly, the SCR888 scam claims and rumours are to a great level, put to rest. Besides putting the rumours to rest, these experiences help to reassure the members of the public that playing at the various SCR888 online platforms is both safe and guaranteed.


Realistic Bonus Offers: SCR888 is known for its generosity to its customers. This can be seen in the insane amount of offers that it makes available to all its customers and potential customers. This has formed the basis for many SCR888 scam allegations. However, SCR888 is known to keep to its word and uphold it’s integrity by rewarding these customers when they claim the offers made available. Gambling platforms that scam customers often entice these unsuspecting customers with numerous and unrealistic offers and bonuses. They put these offers on display, and ehen customers sign up and begin to play, these companies begin to falter and go back on their offers. SCR888 is known to make realistic offers, and stick to them. Be it the one hundred percent bonus it uses to welcome new members into the company, or the several spontaneous offers of SCR888 free credits that the company offers, or the amount of bonuses it offers its existing players, SCR888 is known to do exactly as it has said it would. This has helped over the years, to discredit and completely remove the power behind the numerous, false SCR888 scam allegations made over the years.


Online Presence: A good company knows that in the digital age, that it has to have, as well as maintain a good and strong online presence and influence. For this reason, SCR888 has always published its various associate websites and domains for the public to access as they wish. SCR888 has links to several websites and official social media accounts, and these accounts and links are also made public so that existing customers and potential customers alike can view and verify the validity of the platform. Not only are these social media platforms created, they are used regularly. That is another pointer used to distinguish real and valid online and offline gambling platforms from fake gambling platforms. Not only does SCR888 have working social media platforms, they are updated regularly. Scammers are either not bothered to create social media accounts, or create them, and do not post updates regularly, if at all, on the social media pages that they have created. This is another way SCR888 scam allegations have been shut down.

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