How to win at Monkey Thunderbolt

How to win at Monkey Thunderbolt | SCR888

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How to win at Monkey Thunderbolt

Have you heard of the new game on SCR888? It’s a slot game called Monkey ThunderboltThe rules of the game are very simple, there are six monkeys each with a different color,  from left to right: red, blue, green, brown, purple, gold. Each monkey is attached to a rope, and once the game starts, all the monkeys will climb with all their might to reach the top of the rope. The player’s role in this game is to bet on which monkey will reach the top first, second and third. Sounds easy and simple, right? But to truly excel at this game, to reach a consistent winning rate, not just specifically at Monkey Thunderbolt, but all the other slot games out there as well, a certain degree of strategizing skill is required, and we are here to help you to achieve that. Here are a few tips and tricks to win at Monkey Thunderbolt that you might find helpful:

Know the basics

Can’t beat the game if you still have yet to grasp the basics. It is just like sports if you do not build your muscle mass and your stamina, no amount of training will help you become good at it, if you can’t even swing a golf club properly, how can you be expected to score a hole in one? Master the fundamentals of a game and you master the game itself. The basics are like this, there are two minutes to each round, so this roughly translates to 30 rounds per hour. Use this knowledge to plan your session and budget carefully. If there are 10 seconds left on the clock, the countdown timer will let out a sound effect, this is your cue that around is coming to an end; you can also zoom in on the monkeys to see them in action from a closer perspective, this will help you determine which monkey has the lead before the timer stops. There will be events that can setback a monkey’s progress on the rope as well, such as the appearance of birds which will push the monkey down.

Know the multipliers

Now that you know how to properly play the game, it is important that you pay close attention to the multiplier now. The score multiplier determines your final reward for winning a bet, so the player should use this as the key indicator for the amount of bet that is placed in each session. The general advice here is to place a higher bet when the multiplier increases. 

Know the bets

There are different bets you can make, placing your money in a lantern means you are placing a bet. The lanterns come in 100 MYR, 125 MYR, and 175MYR. Keep placing money until you hit one of your bets. You should always start with 100 MYR, then slowly move your bet up as you continue. Do not get too greedy at the start of the game, and do not get worried if you lose your bet, you will surely win them back afterward as long as you are persistent.

We hope these tips help, be sure to download the SCR888 app today and try out some of their other great content. 

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