How to Play Great Blue Slot

How To Play Great Blue Slot | SCR888

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How to Play Great Blue Slot

If you are a fan of slot games you are probably wondering where to find the best slot games available on the internet, well look no further because SCR888 is here! SCR888 is the number one ranking online casino in Asia, and we have a large community of fans to back us up on this fact. On SCR888 you can play various sorts of amazing games ranging from poker to baccarat and fishing games to slot games. SCR888 has our own dedicated slot game section and the games available to play there are to die for!

The featured slot game this month is Great Blue Slot, another fine addition to SCR888’s massive arsenal of games. It is a slot game that has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews ever since its introduction in the online casino, as of now the rating has been racked up to four out of five stars. The game is provided by Playtech, one of the more outstanding online software providers among all the partners of SCR888. Great Blue is a one of a kind slot games that is marine-themed, the visuals of the game are bright and wonderful, it draws inspiration from the fishing games where you have to shoot down sea creatures with bullets. 

To play Great Blue, first, you will need an SCR888 account. You can set up a SCR888 account either at our official website or download and launch the SCR888 app available on Apple and Google Play Store as well as any other trusted third-party download site. Signing up with SCR888 is very easy and all you need to do is set up a username for yourself and a password for your account. After you verify your email address you are immediately good to go.

Once you have an SCR888 account you might want to check out our promotions page before you head to the slot game sections. Here you can apply for a handful of promotions and offers and bonuses. We offer Welcome Bonus and Starter Packs for our newcomers so they can jumpstart their online gaming career with ease. The free credits will be transferred into your slot game wallet within 5 minutes of activation, now you have credits to try out some of our great content! 

You can launch Great Blue under the slot games tab. Before you dive deep into the game though, we at SCR888 would like to advise that you plan carefully on your budget so that you will not lose too much of your bankroll in one single session of gaming. Once you have a budget, you should set your betting amount accordingly. 

The next step in playing Great Blue would be choosing a payline to bet on, and then finally, start spinning! Great Blue has an auto-spin function so players are allowed to multitask while playing it. After you are done with playing, remember to rate the game on our site, as of now the rating of Great Blue is four out of five stars, you too, as an SCR888 member can contribute to reviewing and rating our games! We hope you have fun. 

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