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How To Download SCR888 Apk (For Android And iOS Devices).

How To Download SCR888 Apk (For Android And iOS Devices).

SCR888 is one of the most popular online gambling and slot gaming platform in Malaysia. It boasts of hundreds of thousands of customers in Malaysia alone, and the number is still on the increase as more mouthwatering incentives have been introduced following this recent update. As part of their most recent updates, the mobile application avails the many registered players the opportunity to gain access to the latest and most interactive games to keep themselves entertained as they play online. Among these games are Live games (that is multi-player games happening in real time), Slot Games (for example, the Gold Rush game, the Jewel Hunt game, etc.) Strategy Games (for example puzzles and some certain games that require more than one player), Classic Games, Table Games, etc.

Yes, most of the games hosted by SCR888 are strategy games, but once you find the strategy that works for you, you are more than likely to keep winning big and raking in the cash and special credits. As much as possible, the games are shuffled so as to give every player a chance to win, so it is important for the website to be presented to the customers in easy, convenient and portable. All of the above have been dealt with by the corporation, as, SCR888 is available for download onto an Android device or an iOS device. Just read this piece to the end so as to have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes.


Where To Download SCR888.

To obtain the SCR888 apk file, your best bet is to get it from the official websites and authorized outlets enlisted by the management of SCR888 in Malaysia. The download page eliminates the problem of virus invasion, pop up of unwanted ads that may disturb or ruin the whole gaming experience, and it seems to protect the details and deposits of the gamers by the creation of this mobile platform.

As soon as the file has been installed in your phone, you can go right ahead and start to play.

The SCR888 app is available for download for iOS & Android device users, and this piece has been put together with the aim of providing you with a foolproof method of how easy it is. Just stick with me and be sure to adhere to the following steps so that you too can gain access to this information on how you can download it successfully.

SCR888 Download Apk For iOS Devices (SCR888 iOS):

Step One : Open your browser app (Google Chrome or Phoenix browser), and enter ‘’ in the search or query box.

Alternatively, if you type in ‘ ‘ in the search or query box, it will take you directly to another site that is one of the very few trusted websites that have been authorized as outlets for the distribution of the SCR888 apk file.

Step Two : Go ahead and click on the  ‘SCR888 download iOS’ link for the iOS version of your device. For example, click on the ‘IOS iPhone 5s+, iPad Air or iPad mini2+ (IOS 64bit V4.0)’ option if your device is any of the ones listed above or if it is more recent than the iPhone 5s.

Another option is to click on ‘iOS  iPhone 5 Or iPhone 5- (IOS 32bit V4.0)’ if your Apple device iOS is a lower version than the iPhone 5.

The ‘ ‘ website, alternatively, will open up to a page where the app download link has been labelled as ‘ iPhone 5+ iOS download ‘ and ‘ iPhone 5- iOS download ‘. While the former (the option that reads iPhone 5+ iOS download) is for iOS devices with versions that are higher than the iPhone 5, the latter option (the one that reads iPhone 5- iOS download) is for versions of iPhone users that are below iPhone 5.

Step Three : Wait for the download to be completed.

Depending on your network connectivity, this should take anywhere from less than a minute to about three minutes. Just hang in there and find a comfortable place where there is a stable, strong network connection, so as to speed up the download and installation of the apk file.

Step Four : When a pop up menu comes up to ask for permission to install the apk file, click the ‘install’ button.

Step Five : When the ‘download complete’ notification comes on your screen, click the ‘SCR888’ apk file icon, and wait for a pop up that reads ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’

The error message pops up because the website is not native to the iOS device, so by default, it is not recognized as a trusted site for download of apk files.

Step Six : Next, what you need to do is to click ‘cancel’, minimize the browser app and open the ‘settings’ app from the menu on your mobile device. Keep scrolling down until you reach ‘General’. Click on it when you find it. 

Step Seven : Under ‘General’, find and click on the ‘Device Management’ option, then look for ‘All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’ and click ‘Trust All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.’ and confirm ‘Trust’.

You can now begin to enjoy the app as intended.

Please Note : The reason for the change of name of the file is that all iOS devices have an inbuilt firewall that blocks the installation and use of files and apps from untrusted websites, including the SCR888 website. So, under a different name, the SCR888 software is able to bypass that firewall and install itself successfully on your phone.

When the app has been successfully installed, you can go ahead and open the file and register for free to start enjoying the app.

SCR888 Apk Android Download (Android Devices):

Step One : Click on the ‘settings’ option on your mobile phone. Next, keep scrolling down till you find the ‘settings and privacy’ option. Open it.

If your Android version is earlier than Version 8.0, the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option may have been replaced with ‘Settings’, and the ‘Install apps from external sources’ option may have been replaced with ‘Unknown sources’.

However way it comes up on your phone screen, that is the place you want to be.

Step Two : Click ‘allow’ and confirm ‘allow’ when the query box pops up to ask for permission to install the programme after. This will enable the apk file to be successfully installed on your phone.

Step Three : Open your browser (Google Chrome, Opera mini browser, Phoenix browser, etc.) and enter ‘ ‘ in the search or query box and go ahead and search.

This is the main authorized page for the website. When you get there, Click on the ‘Android Scr888 Android V4.0’ link and the download process will commence.

Alternatively, if you type in ‘ ‘ in the search or query box, it will take you directly to one of the other few trusted, direct websites that have been listed as authorized outlets for the distribution of the SCR888 apk file.

Step Four : Exercise patience for a completed download

As earlier stated in the case of downloading the iOS version, it all depends on the strength of your network connection. It could take anywhere from a few seconds to somewhere between two to three minutes. As such, it is highly advised that you find a place with a strong, stable network connection before you decide to begin the download process. This simple act will prevent certain errors from occurring later on when you want to install the apk file, and will make things go smoothly and quickly.

Step Five : Once the apk file has been successfully downloaded, click ‘Install’. Since you have changed the settings on your phone to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources (Steps One and Two above), the apk file will be installed as an app on your phone without any hitches.

Step Six : Go ahead and click on the app, register for free and start winning!.

If you have any questions or concerns or you simply need more information, or you need to report something, simply send a message to their customer care service (on whatsapp, WeChat, etc.), stating the issue you need help with. Their customer care team is known for their prompt replies and clear directions, so go ahead and get your issue resolved.

Also, to welcome new subscribers, the website is in the business of offering sign-up bonuses for new members. The older subscribers are not left out either, as there are several bonuses and jackpots lined up for their loyal customers, as well as free credits for everyone.

Please Note : Make sure to download the app from the ‘’ website, or ‘’. If you download the app from any third party site, the chances are that the file may have been tampered with and probably infused with a virus, and we don’t want that.

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