SCR888 Review

SCR888 Review

scr888 review

Online casinos are surely the most wonderful creation, it is the dream for gambling enthusiasts like us. Even now, it still feels like a dream to be able to play all of our favourite casino games without having to physically be in a casino, the entire catalogue of great and engaging games stored right in our phones, for our convenience.

This is the best time to be an online gamer, with new and amazing online casinos popping up on the internet every day, promising to deliver not one of, but the most high-quality games in the industry. It can be overwhelming to pick a favourite online casino in an industry with standards this high and this competitive.

In a quest to search for the single most satisfying and greatest online experience offered by the online casino industry, we had ventured into looking into the top ranking online casinos across the world, and investigate into just what makes them considered great and reliable, what contributes to their fame and how they maintain it, and what aspects can be improved for more polished user experience? Today, we will be looking into SCR888 Malaysia Review.



SCR888 Malaysia is a web application based online casino that is viral in Asia. SCR888’s name derives from the Chinese community’s belief the number 8 is considered to be a lucky number, this is because the pronunciation of the number 8 closely resembles that of the pronunciation for the mandarin word for ‘fortune’.

SCR888 is sometimes known as 918kiss too, and this change is largely due to their name due to a large rebranding effort by the developing company. Sometimes, they are known as SCR888 918kiss together. Regardless of what name they use, it cannot be denied that their brand name has built a large following, and the image of the online casino is known wide and far from its base of operation.

SCR888 is an online casino that far exceeds its reputation, with its name spreading outside the continent and has become a household title in various countries around the globe, being used as a blueprint and a textbook example on what a good and reliable online casino should be like. So what exactly is it that makes it so famous? For one, SCR888 online has dominated the Asian online gaming market with its marketing campaign.

They had managed to attract a massive number of customers with the promise of great games, great service, and massive promotions and attractive welcome bonus; to top it all off, they had managed to deliver not only all of their promises but went beyond in providing the ultimate gaming experience for all 918kiss users.



 First impressions are always important, and what sets the first impression of an online casino to its consumers more effectively and directly than the game catalogue itself? After all, online casinos are mainly seen as a gaming platform, and for gamers, content comes first. A good online casino with a well-esteemed quality should not only have a large number of games, but care has to be taken of the quality of the games that they provide as well.

Think about it, if an online casino offers an unlimited amount of games, but all of the games available to be played at their site are subpar at best, would you support this online casino? Similarly, if the games all come from the high-quality variety, but they only come in a handful of selections, players would get bored fast while playing at the online casino due to a lack of options.

The attention span of consumers in the gaming industry is, for a lack of a better word, lacking, therefore, to fully fill the gaming appetite of your users, a good and reliable online casino would have to strike a perfect balance between these two elements — the quantity and quality of content, if not excel and push both to their maximum potential. Our investigation has led us to conclude that the entertainment content provided by SCR888 is nothing short of flawless.

The online casino offers a wide and marvellous variety of games available to be played at their site, this includes multiplayer games such as live table experiences which covers the card game variety such as poker, baccarat, and blackjack plus fishing games, and single games such as arcade games, shooting games, slot games and many more.

After playing through more than half of the catalogue selection provided by SCR888, we can conclude that, while most of them are amazing and awe-inspiring, we have to say SCR888 slot games are simply the best among the bunch. We could not get enough of SCR888 games, these games are engaging, mesmerizing, magnetic. They provide high profitability, features a great design, great mechanics, and fast-paced gaming experience. If you are a slot game enthusiast like us, then SCR888 is the place for you.

At SCR888, you can find relaxing slot games, challenging slot games, unique slot games, history-themed slot games, and many more. You can also check up SCR888 Tips that dedicated to help you improve your SCR888 game. The possibilities are endless! Some truly great slot games that we would like to feature on this SCR888 Review as a recommendation for all of you include:

LAURA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

scr888 laura

Laura is a new featured product of the month on SCR888 because it has been trending among online players for weeks now. Reviews surrounding the game have been nothing but positive, the current rating of Laura at SCR888 is five out of five stars, a perfect score set by a near 20,000 players, some online casino review sites even name it as Slot Game of the Year.

There are plenty of Tomb Raider fans out there, Tomb Raider is not only one of the most well-received game franchises in the gaming industry, but is also a hit in the cinemas as well. The first Tomb Raider game dates back to 1997, today, the graphics have improved more than ever, the expressions and actions and scenery are all super realistic, these traits are the same for Laura as well.

Laura is truly the most phenomenal among all the phenomenal slot games that we can list, the immersion level is great and the aesthetics are to die for. The slot game revolves around Laura’s adventure into a deserted island in search of an ancient artefact. Of course, on her way there she comes across some dangerous native tribe that sees this ancient artefact as worship idols, and they will do anything in their power to stop you from getting your hands on them.

The ancient artefact is in the form of a golden mask, some rumours surrounding it is that the user can indeed draw magical powers from the mask by wearing it, but its true potential has not yet been discovered. The rest of the lore you will have to unlock by playing the slot game yourself, visit SCR888 today to play Laura. For SCR888 download or SCR888 ios download, you can visit the ios app store on your iPhone or the android play store on your android phone and search for SCR888 918kiss to download the SCR888 app.



steam tower scr888

Steam Tower is a perfectionists’ game that will be an absolute delight for steampunk lovers and adventure enthusiasts out there. In pop culture, steampunk is known as a genre of, mostly but not limited to, science fiction that is related to a historical setting whereas steam-powered machinery dominates over the industry rather than the commonly associated advanced technology.

In the steam tower, you play as an investigator in an alternate universe where everything is run on steam, the aesthetics are what draws most of the players into playing this game, and everyone stays due to the optimized gameplay, awe-inspiring graphics, and the sheer profitability of the game alone. The objective in Steam Tower is simple, climb and traverse your way to the top of the steam tower to save a damsel in distress, you would need a streak of good rolls to make progress.

To play this game on either iPhone or Android, you can visit the SCR888 download site at to download the SCR888 apk for a successful SCR888 installation. Steam Tower runs smoothly on both iPhone and Android. You can also search for SCR888 on your ios app store on the iPhone or android play store on your android phone by looking for the keywords SCR888 918KISS.



caishen scr888

If you love Cai Shen slot games, then SCR888 has the definitive collection of all the great Cai Shen slot games ready for you to play at the online casino. Fa Cai Shen is a Cai Shen slot game rated four out of five stars. Here players can soak up all the charm that is Taoism aesthetics, historical setting, and take a deep dive into the eye-pleasing golden hue.

The game is set in ancient China, where you play as an emperor seeking to collect every valuable artefact in the world. These artefacts come in many shapes and sizes, it can be in the form of a jade ring, an emerald dragon, or a golden koi fish. The treasures are all neatly designed, and collecting all of them comes as the main appeal of playing the game. There is a great chance to win it big and secure the bag of a lifetime with Fa Cai Shen, players will only need to match two of any symbols to win credits in the game, of course, like any other slot games, the symbols and treasures come with different values.

On the other hand, we also have Baby Cai Shen, which is also another hidden gem of a slot game set in the far east, it is currently rated at three out of five stars, but that is because not many people have discovered this game yet. Unlike the ancient and oriental visual design of Fa Cai Shen, Baby Cai Shen takes more of a cartoonish spinoff in a relatively modern setting. This time, instead of a warrior on a black tiger, or a deity figure with a great black beard, Cai Shen visits us in the form of a cute little baby.

The background scene is picturesque and beautiful, as you catch birds, pagodas, and beautiful lilacs in the distance. Playing the game is a tranquil and meditative experience, it is a slot game that is both unique and entertaining. Just by downloading SCR888 today, you can instantly play Cai Shen Slots on your iPhone or your android phone, it is that easy. Welcoming bonus and weekly refunds await you to claim as soon as you sign up for an SCR888 account.



scr888 fishing game


Lastly, SCR888 has more fishing games than we could count, the options available are just endless. Of course, we had to try out two of the most classic and most famous fishing games of all time in the online world — Ocean King and Da Sheng Nao Hai. At this point, they should need no introduction for any players that have the slightest bit of experience in the online gaming world, they are indeed the most popular fishing game of the highest tier.

Both are game-changing series that spawned a massive franchise, with new entries being released and celebrated almost every year since its release. Both games are extremely intense and fun to play, it features a smooth flow of gameplay which serves as a welcoming trait for all fishing game lovers out there regardless of their preferences. The music is great, and the aesthetics featured in the game are all unique.

Players can choose to challenge the game environment or queue in a lobby to compete with other players from other parts of the world. Both fishing games feature an interesting score multiplier system which elevates the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Fishing games are extremely profitable plus it has superb entertainment value, which explains why it appealed to players from all age groups.

And we have to say, both Da Sheng Nao Hai, Ocean King, not to mention other great fishing games such as Li Kui Pi Yu, all run smoothly and without trouble on SCR888 for either iPhone or android. Download the SCR888 apk today by visiting the SCR888 download site, so you don’t have to visit a casino anymore just to play fishing games, you can play it on the go, at work, at dinner, at a picnic, it’s all up to you!



Also don’t forget to check out other great arcade games and live table games at SCR888, ready for you to download and play. All of these exquisite games are just a finger away, as soon as you register an SCR888 account today on your iPhone or your android phone. SCR888 is a gaming platform that prioritizes all sorts of online casino gamers, so you can expect fun games, challenging shoot em ups, thrilling racing games, and mischievous adventure games, all in one package, in the most popular gaming destination all over Asia.



SCR888 free credit is abundant on the SCR888 site. SCR888 gives away special promotions, event bonuses, and welcome packs to every SCR888 member, especially newcomers on SCR888. These special bonuses will certainly help all-new SCR888 members in building a successful SCR888 gaming career.

Be sure to check out these special promotions on SCR888 and keep yourself updated so you won’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. If you go to the SCR888 register page now you can register an account immediately. This page is accessible either via the SCR888 app or SCR888 apk. Don’t forget, go to SCR888 to download the SCR888 apk for both iPhone and Android users.

Download links for the SCR888 apk are separated by operating systems, meaning SCR888 users on the iPhone would need to click on the ios for iPhone download link, and android users would need to click on the download link for the Android operating system, or else the SCR888 apk will not be compatible with your phone.



SCR888 is truly a force to be reckoned with, it is in our opinion that all online casinos in the world should follow SCR888’s lead in revolutionizing the online casino world such that it is a safe, pleasing, satisfying haven for gamers that seek for endless entertainment possibilities.

SCR888 has a sophisticated security system that does not allow any cheaters or hackers to go through, gaming on SCR888 APK is neat, crisp, clean, and fair. All of their games are tested for quality assurance and gameplay fairness too. The customer service at SCR888 is just superb, it’s the icing on top of a delicious cake for such a thorough and well-designed online casino to treat their customers well, this makes gaming on SCR888 feel like entertainment on a whole new level.

We wholly recommend checking out SCR888, it is certainly among the top-ranked online casinos in our book If you think that this SCR888 Review is informative. Click on the download button to install the app today! 

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